HSGA launches YouTube video of Hawaii culture and cooking in an imu.

Loren Opstedahl

In Loren’s words:

I live in western South Dakota where I was born and raised on a cattle and sheep ranch.  I learned the basics of sheep shearing from my father and have sheared sheep for 28 years. I run a sheep shearing crew. We shear about 50 – 60,000 sheep annually in the five state region, and we also raise Angus cattle.
 Started shearing competitively about 15 years ago. This led to some great opportunities such as winning the national shearing contest six times and being able to represent the USA shearing team at the world level 5 different times as well.
I am currently involved with ASI (American Sheep Industry) on the Wool Council, and am a member of the American Sheep Shearers Council. I also represent USA in the World Council at the world shearing championships.